Why an open consultation?

An open consultation is a participative instrument to open the decision-making process to all those willing to get involved. Its main objective is to listen to often unheard voices and make good use of them: it is a first step towards a participative democracy.

Concerning the African countries and the issue related to food, nutrition and sustainable agriculture, launching an open consultation will gather points of view of different actors: scientific community, policy makers, farmers associations, entrepreneurs and civil society at large. Since the policies addressing this type of topics concern all of us, the broader the sharing of ideas, the better the outcomes will be.
Particularly, the objective of the proposed open consultation is to collect feedback on possible actions to be undertaken to lead Africa in a more climate friendly and sustainable agriculture, and to optimise the development of the African food market and the job creation linked to this issue.

Why participate?

You may raise some points that have not received enough attention by the science community; or you can offer your experiences or ideas as potential solutions to today’s problem. Above all, you can offer your assessment of today’s challenges with respect to food and nutrition security and sustainable agriculture.
Your comments and feedback will be discussed during the 1st Sub-regional meeting towards decision makers and R&I funders that will be held in Nairobi, at the end of February (18th) within the LEAP4FNSSA project. You will have the occasion to be directly engaged in this event, in fact a group of selected panelists will analyze all your answers and they will provide feedback about possible solutions and suggestions about research and innovation topics on FNSSA in Africa.

We invite you to take part in the consultation and to tell us what is your opinion regarding the points raised in the document.

[Update – January,7, 2020]

Our consultation is now closed: thanks to everyone who helped by participating and sharing!
We’ll be analyzing the #data to have them ready during our 1st Subregional Dissemination Meeting in Nairobi, Kenya.