The “virtual” event of the 28th of April is the third of a series of six events organized by the Africa-Europe Innovation Partnership. Its main objective is to foster new and deepen existing partnerships between tech hubs.

Africa-Europe Innovation Partnership: let’s go “virtual” to keep fostering partnerships between African and European tech hubs.
The Covid-19 pandemic is heavily effecting our daily life, and finding alternative and innovative work modalities is part of the efforts to face this global challenge.

On these lines, the Africa-Europe Innovation Partnership (AEIP) event originally planned in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, has now been converted into a one-day interactive “virtual” event taking place on the 28th of April.
The virtual event provideD the African and European tech hub participants with a valuable opportunity to meet “digitally” and to network, facilitating exchanges and partnership developments between the two sides, physically distant but innovatively connected.

In this video you can listen to Ms Maria-Cristina Russo, Director for International Cooperation, DG RTD, opening the event and welcoming all the participants.

(video via Africa Europe Innovation Partnership AEIP | YouTube)