3rd Virtual West Africa-EU Alliance Workshop (WAEA)

The #3 West Africa-EU (WAEA) Virtual Workshop was a successful follow up in the process towards the development of the Alliance.

The WAEA is also a pilot and a component for the envisaged AU-EU Platform for research and Innovation (R&I) on Food and Nutrition Security and Sustainable Agriculture (FNSSA).
Very soon, before beginning of March 2021, the WAEA will start in three working groups on the development of

  1. a WAEA Theory of Change and Impact Pathway (TCIP),
  2. a WAEA Communication Concept to include as many stakeholders as possible into a collaboration process, and
  3. a process with data and knowledge managers in the region.

These working groups will contribute to a WAEA Sorting House Mechanism for the exchange between science and end-users of knowledge, and for improving the collaborations in regional food systems. While developing the WAEA, the intention is also to develop principles, methods and technologies that could be applied in the envisaged AU-EU Platform on FNSSA.

Under the title ‘Dialogues for Action’ the incentives and benefits of the collaboration in the WAEA have been discussed, in particular for including also funders earliest in the multi-stakeholder process. One goal is to form the basis for a WAEA R&I program cycle before end of 2022. The LEAP4FNSSA knowledge management system, consisting of a project data base and a Knowledge ExtractOr Pipeline System (KEOPS), a tool using advanced text mining and artificial intelligence technologies, has been presented as an offer to become elements of the envisaged WAEA Knowledge Management and Communication Framework (KMCF).

After a phase of drafting material for the WAEA TCIP and the Communication Concept, as well as for the collaboration in data and knowledge management, it is intended to open the development process to a broader public.
LEAP4FNSSA will inform soonest about further results and activities in the WAEA region on the website.

Read/download the presentations and check out the recorded video!