Building Europe-Africa Multi-Stakeholder Platform | Open consultation

Why an open consultation?

An open consultation is a participative instrument to open the decision-making process to all those willing to get involved. Its main objective is to listen to often unheard voices and make good use of them: it is the first step towards a participative democracy.
Concerning the African countries and the issue related to food, nutrition, and sustainable agriculture, launching an open consultation will gather points of view of different actors: funders, decision-makers, scientific community, farmers, entrepreneurs, consumers, and civil society at large.
The proposed open consultation is aimed to collect feedback on possible actions to build a brand-new Europe-Africa multi-stakeholder platform.

What is the Platform?

To improve the Food and Nutrition Security and the Sustainability of Agriculture (FNSSA) in Europe and in Africa, the European Union (EU) and the African Union (AU) have established a 10-years FNSSA Roadmap to strengthen their collaboration in Research & Innovation (R&I) in this domain. To this aim, and to catalyze progress along with this roadmap and boost the impact of these R&I collaborations, it is proposed to establish a Europe-Africa multi-stakeholder Platform which will bring together Research and Innovation efforts and investments in the field of Food, Nutrition Security and Sustainable Agriculture (FNSSA) as described in the AU-EU High-Level policy Dialogue(HLPD) roadmap on FNSSA.
The objective of the proposed open consultation is to collect inputs on the Platform, including a) services to be offered, b) sustainability after the end of the project.

Why participate?

Starting from your needs, you can highlight specific services that the Platform might offer to your activity. Above all, you can contribute to a bottom-to-top process in building the Platform.
The outcomes of the open consultation will be discussed during the 2nd Dissemination event towards decision makers and research and innovation funders that will be held virtually, in June 2021.
You will have the occasion to be directly engaged in this event: in fact, a group of selected panelists will analyze all your answers and they will downscale needs, services, and sustainability factors according to the situation in West Africa.

Have your say! Take part in the consultation!
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