Call for 2 Studies on Research & Innovation for improved FNSSA

LEAP4FNSSA project is currently looking for some interesting proposal about:

Study on “R&I for improved FNSSA in relation to innovation and entrepreneurship, with special attention to gender and youth” 
[ Terms of Reference | .pdf | 596 KB]

The first study is aimed to compare the existing patterns of R&I in the field of FNSSA, with emerging views on the linkages between research and innovation, in order to illuminate how research can be mobilized to support innovation processes and strengthen innovation systems, with particular focus on gender, youth and entrepreneurship.

Study on ’R&I for improved FNSSA in relation to the EU-Africa trade in agri-food products’
[Terms of Reference | .pdf | 608 KB]

The second study will deal with the existing pattern and emerging trends in the EU-Africa trade in agrifood products and point to its potential to improve food and nutrition security and sustainable agriculture (FNSSA) in Africa. In particular, the role of Research and Innovation (R&I) will be examined, i.e. how can R&I be targeted towards specific areas where new ideas and solutions are needed to increase the benefit of trade for FNSSA or to mitigate potential negative effects?

It is expected that the two studies can be undertaken by one or several expert members of the LEAP4FNSSA consortium (Beneficiary).

To identify which beneficiary (or beneficiaries) of LEAP4FNSSA will conduct this study, a process of expression of interest will be set.
All beneficiaries are invited to express to UCPH and IITA ( their interest, motivation and experience in the domain in order to conduct this study, individually or as a team.

Timeline for application:

Deadline for expressions of interest: April 22st, 2022
Notification of the acceptance or rejection of proposals: April 29th, 2022
Start of the study: May 2nd, 2022
Submission of draft study report: July 4rd, 2022
Response from Task 1.3 (requests for revisions and comments by the FNSSA WG) July 18th, 2022
Submission of final study report: July 29th, 2022