Stakeholder Engagement on the Africa-EU Research and Innovation Partnership on Food and Nutrition Security and Sustainable Agriculture at the EU-Africa Summit

A Leap Forward for Food Research and Innovation

The LEAP4FNSSA Project invites stakeholders within the food, nutrition security and sustainable agriculture sector to submit proposals to host a session during the Stakeholder Engagement Week. The event, which is aimed at cross-sectoral participation from governments, universities, SMEs, development agencies, research institutes, agribusinesses and farmer organisations, will take place virtually from 31 May to 4 June 2021.

The event aims to demonstrate the value of the FNSSA Partnership and to respond to the priorities identified in the FNSSA Research and Innovation Roadmap. Particular emphasis will be placed on:

  • fostering dynamic engagement of stakeholders such as funders, SMEs, farmers, researchers, government organizations, private sector organizations and strategic decision-makers;
  • highlighting the results and outcomes of the investments made towards the FNSSA Partnership and encourage clustering around the FNSSA Roadmap;
  • gathering information and ideas on the experiences, challenges, feedback and recommendations to further develop the R&I Partnership on FNSSA.

Come and join us: have your say at the Stakeholder Engagement Week!

LEAP4FNSSA invites proposals for panels, roundtables, discussions, videos and posters in the preparation of the EU-AU summit in the field of food and nutrition security and sustainable agriculture (FNSSA).

We encourage proposals from research and innovation projects conducted jointly by African and European consortia, companies engaged in research, LEAP4FNSSA partners, research funders, SMMEs, agribusiness, governmental organizations and other stakeholders.

We invite your contributions to:

  1. Sessions on topics related to FNSSA (format is open and include panels, roundtables, discussions); each slot 1,5 hours
  2. Session proposals are expected to respond to the following themes:
    – Successes from the Partnership and their Impact;
    – The experiences of using a multi-actor approach in projects for delivering the FNSSA Roadmap;
    – Exchange on collaborative funding for the R&I Partnership; and
    – Ways to future cooperation in R&I in the area of FNSSA.
  3. Additional themes may also be proposed
  4. Posters and videos are also encouraged

Our goal is to put together a week of joint reflection on the outcome of research and research cooperation and discuss ideas of bringing Europe and Africa closer together in the field of FNSSA. Applicants are encouraged to conceptualise sessions to yield recommendations that can be considered for implementation by policy and decision-makers. Recommendations, which emanate from this event will be used to enrich the EU-AU Summit.

We strive for a week that is intellectually rich, participatory, and forward-looking, showcasing the successes and examples of research and innovation projects. You can join us in discussing the potential of working together in the area of research funding and future cooperation.

More information and apply now!

Read the call document [.pdf | 693 KB]
Have a look at the draft agenda [.pdf | 388 KB]
For more information, kindly consult the concept note [.pdf | 638 KB]

Please use these templates for submission:
1. Template for submitting a session proposal [.docx | 14 KB]
2. Template for submission of poster, videos or other materials [.docx | 15 KB]
All applications must be sent to

Deadline for submission: 23 April 2021

Who Can Apply?

The event aims to attract proposals from a broad range of organizations, including those already active within the FNSSA Partnership and those not (yet) active. This can be innovation agencies, environmental agencies, universities, research institutes, government entities, private sector organizations, funders, business network organisations and SMEs. Joint applications of more than one organization are possible, but the lead contact organization should be indicated. Project coordinators of AU-EU funded FNSSA projects are also encouraged to submit their proposals.

Submission of proposals

Please propose if you want to submit a session to one of the themes 1-4 or in the open space A-E. Each session is 1.5 hours and if you need to have a longer workshop, please apply for two slots. Applicants whose proposals are successful will be expected to organize the following:

  • Speakers
  • Organize their session on zoom and share the link with LEAP4FNSSA organizers. The link will be shared as part of the overall programme.
  • The maximum time allocated to each session is 1.5 hours
  • Organizers are free to decide on the format of their session e.g. panel session, Café, Debate or solution room. We encourage you to maximizes participant interaction and allow the presenters to bring their full range of creativity to the topic.

Review of Proposals

The LEAP4FNSSA Proposal Evaluation Committee will review all proposals submitted to select successful proposals for the Stakeholder Engagement Week. Before making final selections, the LEAP4FNSSA Proposal Evaluation Committee may contact those submitting sessions to ask for clarification on the submitted proposals and offer other feedback to session presenters. The committee will begin reviewing proposals after the initial submission deadline has passed. Following the review, the committee will notify the corresponding proposer of either the acceptance or rejection of their proposed session. Successful applicants will be provided with further information in preparation for the event.

Important Dates

Closing Date for Submission of Proposals: 23 April 2021
Notification Regarding your Application: 01 May 2021
Submission of final session Program and Speakers Due: 05 May 2021
Mandatory technical checks: 28 May 2021
Stakeholder Engagement Week: 31 May to 4 June 2021

All session proposals must be submitted to

Queries? Please send an Email to:

Sigfried Tivana
Department of Science and Innovation (South Africa)

Melissa Plath
University of Helsinki (Finland)

Title photos by CGIAR Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security | via Flickr [1] [2] (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)