Using ICT – agricultural videos to inform farmers about to good practices

ISADA-Consulting is a social enterprise that focuses on empowering smallholder farmers in lowering the barriers of access to agricultural good practices and innovations. It believes in the power of information and communication technologies to achieve its goals.

ISADA-Consulting develops a training system based on agricultural videos usage and “satellite approach” to rapidly spread good practices and innovations. Good practices videos are showed to farmers using smart projector mainly in remote areas. The lack of electric power in remote areas is no longer a barrier to ISADA-Consulting in training farmers. Videos are also converted into MP4 format that are transferred to farmers into their phones to watch in local languages.

We distribute agricultural CD/DVD too. We go from village to village for that using the “satellite approach” to spread the videos. With that approach any farmers who receives a video or follow a training bears the responsibility to share it with at least five of his/her peers.
Farmers have also the possibility to call ISADA-Consulting when confronted with difficulties related to their activities. Since its creation in 2019 more than 1000 farmers have been directly impacted.

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Mori Gouroubera / Head of the Organization