Reel Life NPC

South Africa

Better use of available resources and space by using an incubator app and other emerging technologies

We have designed a food security solution which has enabled millions of farmers and potential farmers to make better use of available resources and space. Our community connect solution is a new horizon for farmers, consumers, and everyone in between. By linking ecosystems, to local Africans

We have built cutting edge tech, real solutions, with proven track record of success. Our townships, rural and village incubator app has been created with a vision to “Humanize consumption through technology.”

We believe our tech will bring people together, make the South African farm to fork route smaller, empower the poor, the most vulnerable and small business while reducing costs and inefficiencies for global enterprises. We do that through several emerging technologies, such as blockchain, self-sovereign identity, and artificial intelligence, but we also know when to keep it simple. We have designed a food security, grow your own farm kit, for R250/$14.17 dollars, which can feed a family of 4 for a full 12 months across Africa.


Contact person / position

Claire Reid – Orin Roesstorff / Directors