AU-EU International Research Consortium Platform | Towards the consultation

The collective effort among LEAP4FNSSA consortium members, work package leaders and co-leaders, task leaders and working groups teams is contributing to complete the Partnership to Platform transition and it will lead to the founding launch of the International Research Consortium.

This document describing the International Research Consortium structures is prepared to kickstart a consultative process towards the final write-shop and founding launch of the IRC.

→ Read/download the document [.pdf | 1,9 MB]

The consultative process has already started. It is aimed to receive inputs from prospective member institutions in view of the crafting of the IRC Platform before the final write-shop, final General Assembly and IRC Founding Launch planned for 14-16th September, 2022.

 Find out the outcomes of 1st Consultative meeting (9.06.22) [.pdf | 1,7 MB]