consortium platform

The IRC Platform has been officially launched during the main event “Founding Launch of the IRC” held in Accra on the 14 and 15 September.
This event represented an important step towards achieving our ambitious goal.

The IRC Platform is ready to host all the actors involved in the FNSSA sector and it is expected to address four specific objectives:

  1. Increase the synergies and coherence among actors, research and innovation projects, initiatives and programmes,through the development of institutional alliances and clusters of projects and expertise;
  2. Develop a learning environment and a large knowledge base, including monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) activities, creating communication and links between different initiatives to improve STI cooperation;
  3. Establish a long term and sustainable coordination infrastructure, governance and funding mechanism;
  4. Liaise with the HLPD.

Now it’s time to continue cooperate and further enhance the efforts within and outside the LEAP4FNSSA project.

Read/download the IRC Manuscript.

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