We would like to thank all of you for your participation to our North Africa Europe Alliance Program for the Private Sector virtual workshop.

If you missed the workshop, here below you can find the registration of the whole event divided per session (Intro, Panel 1, Panel 2, Panel 3 and Conclusion).
Watch it on this page – click the link in the right top corner of the player to show all the sessions – or on our YouTube channel.


A series of working sessions is planned to analyze jointly in a participatory approach the proposals and suggestions submitted by the panelists and the experts.

The aim is to define both the optimum modes of cooperation between the private sector operators and the research community, together with the key projects to develop among African and European partners and to present to the funders.
This will form the basis of the Africa Europe Multistakeholders Platform and the planned Consortium to which we look forward to your participation.

The working sessions will take place virtually from September and we invite you to register and send us back the below form.
We are planning 3 parallel and separate working sessions per private sector category, and welcome your contribution to whichever one (s) you choose.

Select the group of interest to participate in the woking session. Please specify if you would like to join as Participant_or Coordinator.

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