ANR – Agence Nationale de la Recherche

The French National Research Agency (ANR) was established by the French government in 2005 to fund research projects, based on competitive schemes giving researchers and research organizations the best opportunities to carry out their projects and paving the way for groundbreaking new knowledge. The main mission of ANR is to fund the best basic research, but also targeted and applied research in particular through partnerships between companies and public sector laboratories.

Since 2014, ANR’s annual Work Programme is developed in coordination with the “France Europe 2020” Strategic Agenda presented by the Minister for Higher Education and Research. In the context of these annual Work Programmes, ANR funds all scientific fields, for both fundamental and industrial research, including European and international cooperation. Since 2010, ANR has also been the principal operator of the “Investments for the Future” programme in the field of higher education and research. In this role it ensures the selection, funding and monitoring of projects relating to the centers of excellence, health, biotechnologies, and the transfer of technology and the creation of value from research. It is also ANR’s mission to strengthen international cooperation by contributing in particular to the funding of international consortia in partnership with other funding agencies in Europe and beyond.

ANR is involved in various large joint programme such as Eranet related to the field of FNSSA (Food and nutrition security and sustainable agriculture) SusAn, SusFood, Sus Crop. ANR is also involved joint European African partnership such as Arimnet, PRIMA “Initiative 185” and LEAP-Agri. ANR is currently coordinating three ERA-NET Cofund programmes: WaterWorks2015, ERA4CS and LEAP-Agri. ANR is the coordinating Agency for the LEAP-Agri Eranet Cofund project, participating to the EU AU HLPD R&I FNSSA road map implementation.

This project brings together 30 partners from 18 African and European countries.


ANR Environment, Biological Resources and Ecosystems Dpt. will be mostly involved in the WP2. ANR will colead together with FONRID (Burkina Faso) the task 2.4 “Funding networks and mechanisms”. ANR will also contribute to Task 2.1 “Dialogue for action research” and Task 2.2 “Scientific sorting house”.


  • Mr Maurice Héral (m) is Deputy Director for the “Environment, Ecosystems and Biological Resources” Department, in charge of international Affairs. He was previously Director of the ANR EERB Department from 2011 until 2017, and Scientific director during 10 years at IFREMER, the French Institute of Research for the Exploitation of the Sea. He coordinated several EU contracts (including the ERA-NET Marinera) and was active in Marifish as WP leader on common programme. He is very active at the EU level in the ERA-NETs representing the French National Agency in BiodivERsA, ARIMNET2, ERA-NETMED, COFASP, SEAS-ERA, the ERA-Nets cofund BiodivERsA3, ERA-GAS, SURPLUS, SusAN, and France in JPI FACCE, OCEANS and WATER that he is chairing. He is the formal coordinator of the EraNetCofund LEAP-Agri, “Long European African partnership on R&I on Food and Nutrition Security and sustainable agriculture”.
  • Mr Bernard Mallet (m) is an agronomist by training, who has been working in the field of Agroforestry Research for Development, at project, programme and policy level, for 35 years, including 20 years of posting outside France (Africa and Latin America). Before joining ANR, he assumed institutional tasks, representing INRA, CIRAD and Agreenium in Brazil for 6 years. He has been Deputy director for the “Environment and societies” CIRAD Department and Director for the CIRAD Forestry department. He has also worked for the European Commission for 3 years, in Brussels, advising DG Environment on activities of international cooperation related to Tropical Forest Policies with developing countries and emerging economies and with international organizations such as FAO, CGIAR, ITTO. He joined ANR in 2016 as Scientific officer, and is currently the Deputy coordinator of the EranetCofund LEAP-Agri project, which started on December 2016 and brings together 30 partners from 18 European and African countries, with a 33 million € budget.
  • Mrs Elçin Sarikaya (f) is a European project manager who is in charge of the administrative and financial management of European projects in ANR (French National Research Agency). Before joining ANR, she worked at IRD (Research Institute for Development) and Paris 13 University where she managed multiples FP7 and Horizon 2020 project. Since July 2017, she has been managing the ERA-NET Cofund and CSA projects of “Environment, Ecosystems and Biological Resources” Department in ANR including the Eranet Cofund LEAP-Agri project.