BOKU - Universitaet Fuer Bodenkultur Wien - University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna (Centre for Development Research)

BOKU, the only Austrian university in the area of Natural Resources Management and Life Sciences has vast experience in coordinating and participating in research and educational EU projects.

BOKU is listed in the Green Metric World University ranking on rank 6, rank 1 in continental Europe, 2nd in education world-wide. BOKU focuses on the relationships between man, society and the environment and its foremost aim is to make decisive contributions to securing the well-being of future generations.

BOKU is structured into 15 departments with a total number of scientific staff of ~ 1600 employees (full time equivalent). BOKU, and particularly through its Centre for Development Research (CDR), has engaged in research and learning for development with partners in Sub-Saharan Africa (e.g. Ethiopia, Mozambique, Kenya, Uganda, Malawi) for many years.


BOKU will contribute to WP5, in the set up, management and maintenance of the intra-project communication system.


  • Maria Wurzinger (f) is Deputy Director of the Centre for Development Research and PI at the Division of Livestock Sciences at BOKU. For the past 15 years, she has contributed to investigating rural livelihood challenges and developing solutions in transdisciplinary projects in Africa, Latin America and Asia. She has coordinated research and capacity-building projects funded by the EU and other donors. Her research focus is on the analysis of livestock production systems and design of community-based breeding programs in Latin America and Africa. Taking an innovation system perspective, her work is located at the interface of agricultural and social systems. She is representing BOKU in international organizations such as AGRINATURA.
  • Lorenz Probst (m) will coordinate the contribution of the BOKU-team. He is Deputy Director of the Centre for Development Research, and coordinates its teaching program and community management. With a background in agriculture and social studies, his research interests are transformative and transdisciplinary learning for sustainability. He is teaching award-winning courses on innovation, change and transition and has coordinated multi-stakeholder projects in Africa, Europe and Asia. He has 10 years of experience in agricultural research for development in West and East Africa.