CSIR-GH - Council for Scientific and Industrial Research - Science and Technology Policy Research Institute

CSIR-GH STEPRI is one of the thirteen (13) institutes under the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR). CSIR-GH STEPRI has as its primary mission, to conduct research to provide knowledge-based information and contribute to the formulation and implementation of policies and programmes for socio-economic development on the basis of Science, Technology and Innovation (STI). Its research activities cover food and agriculture.

One major asset of CSIR-GH STEPRI is a highly qualified and motivated multi-disciplinary staff with backgrounds from Social Sciences, Life sciences, Economics, Agriculture, Environmental Sciences, Agricultural Economics, Communication and Development Studies. CSIR-GH STEPRI currently has 18 researchers with 10 having PhD degree. The multi- and interdisciplinarity enables CSIR-GH STEPRI to undertake multidisciplinary research which is guided by its core values i.e. Teamwork, Hardwork and Excellence. CSIR-GH STEPRI has effectively designed, coordinated, supervised and implemented several research and intervention projects including those with other institutions. CSIR-GH STEPRI has been involved in the implementation of CAAST-Net, CAAST-Net Plus and LeapAgri


CSIR-GH STEPRI will mainly be involved in WP2, supporting the African contribution to all the activities related to the work package.


  • George Essegbey (m) is the Director of CSIR-STEPRI. He has over 30 years of extensive research and experience in Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) policy particularly for providing support to agri-food chain actors. He has executed assignments for international organisations including UNESCO, UNEP, IFPRI, FAO, GIZ and WIPO. He has coordinated EU-Africa joint projects in Ghana such as CAAST-Net, CAAST-Net Plus, Leap-Agri, and MNEmerge. He is currently a member of the 10-Member Expert Group of the UN on STI for the Achievement of the SDGs.
  • Rose Omari (f) is a Senior Research Scientist at CSIR-STEPRI. She has expertise in designing and implementing multidisciplinary research and interventions participially in food and nutritional sciences and social sciences. She is currently a long-term consultant assisting FARA, under the Building Nutritious Food Basket Project, in coordinating policy engagement and advocacy at regional and sub-regional levels for increased investment in biofortification to reduce micronutrient deficiency in Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Masahudu Fuseini (m) is a Research scientist at CSIR-STEPRI. He has enormous experience in coordinating international projects. He has previously worked as the Technical Contact Point in Ghana for the European Commission projects; CAAST-Net, and CAAST-Net Plus, which sought to strengthen co-operation between Africa and Europe in the areas of Science & Technology and research and innovation respectively. He currently serves as the contact person for another European Commission project (LEAP-AGRI). He has wide understanding of the European-Africa relationship as well as broader international relations.