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Good Morning Stakeholder Forum: From Model to Practice

February 1, 2022 @ 9:00 am - February 15, 2022 @ 1:00 pm

Good Morning Stakeholder Forum | February2022

The LEAP4FNSSA Project will host the Good Morning Stakeholder Forum ‘From Model to Practice’ – contributions to the Long-term AU-EU Platform for R&I on food, nutrition security and sustainable agriculture (FNSSA).

The overall aim of the event is to bring funding institutions and stakeholders from the West Africa-EU Alliance (WAEA) and the North Africa-EU Alliance (NAEA) together as a Focus Group.

It will be announced and explained that LEAP4FNSSA is presently launching an FNSSA platform. The potential components will be presented during the Forum. Donors will be invited to participate and discuss how joint funding approaches and platform approaches can be combined to facilitate a collaboration on FNSSA. Other stakeholders from science, business and decision makers are also invited to join this platform process and become active members of a joint AU-EU knowledge mechanism and network.

The event will take place virtually in 5 different mornings

Good Morning Stakeholder Forum: From Model to Practice | 1 February 2022Good Morning 1 | 1 February 2022 | Alliance Building from Model to Practice

Potential infrastructural elements of the envisaged AU-EU Platform for R&I on FNSSA deduced from the Programme and innovation Management Cycle (PIMC) Metagovernance Model will be discussed in the context of the preliminary results of the WAEA and NAEA Working Groups (WG). These are a General Theory of Change and Impact Pathway (TCIP), a Communication Concept that includes a more detailed look on the actors in food systems and typical dialogues to be addressed by a Platform, and a TCIP about data- and knowledge management. This morning will close with ‘Dialogues for Action’ to address donors together with the other actors in food systems about the presented processes and approaches for the Platform.

→  Agenda [.pdf | 299 KB] | Meet the speakers [.pdf | 710 KB]

Day 1 | Outcomes
Stefan Haffner [.pdf – 3,3 MB] | Jackie Kado – Stefan Haffner [.pdf – 1,6 MB]  |  Khalil Sangare [.pdf – 524 KB]  | David Akana [.pdf – 2,5 MB]| Prudence Makhura – Henning Knipschild [.pdf – 1,4 MB]
Mentimeter report [.pdf – 8,5 MB]

Good Morning Stakeholder Meeting | 3 FebruaryGood Morning 2 | 3 February 2022 | AU-EU Platform Co-Development

Based on the discourse of Morning 1 ‘Alliance Building from Model to Practice’, and a key note about Private Sector Clusters, donors and potential partners will discuss the successive development of the long-term AU-EU Platform’s infrastructure with the available resources. This implies the next short-, mid-, and long-term milestones towards the Platform, including the envisaged International Research Consortium (IRC) as well as the implementation of the Theories of Change and Impact Pathways (TCIPs) of the WAEA & NAEA and the communication concepts.

→  Agenda [pdf. | 275 KB]  |  Meet the speakers [.pdf | 759 KB]

Day 2 | Outcomes
Jackie Kado – Stefan Haffner [.pdf – 2,7 MB] | Prudence Makhura – Henning Knipschild [.pdf – 1,8 MB] | J. Dorra Fiani [.pdf – 674 KB] Irene Annor-Frempong [.pdf – 604 KB]
Mentimeter report [.pdf | 4,4 MB]

Good Morning Stakeholder Meeting | 8 FebruaryGood Morning 3 | 8 February 2022 | Linking Research & Practice at Programme Level

Morning 3 will be dedicated to the exchange between and collaboration of innovators, researches and donors.It will address the question of how can a dialogue between innovators and donors or researchers be triggered with a virtual “fair-format? The goal is to discuss the design of a guideline for calls for proposals, indicating concepts for the involvement of innovators and accompanying knowledge management into research projects.

→  Agenda [.pdf | 271 KB] | Meet the speakers [.pdf | 677 KB]

Day 3 | Outcomes
Stefan Haffner [.pdf | 2 MB] | Henning Knipschild – Norhan ElDallal [.pdf | 614 KB]
Mentimeter report [.pdf | 4MB]

Good Morning Stakeholder Meeting | 10 FebruaryGood Morning 4 | 10 February 2022 | Knowledge Management and Communication Framework

Knowledge Management Tools produced in LEAP4FNSSA based on previous and ongoing R&I FNSSA-related projects will be initially presented and discussed at Morning 4. A comprehensive project database found at the project’s website and the Knowledge ExtractOr Pipeline System for more visual and advanced finding illustrations will be presented. A virtual mingle session bringing together different kind of stakeholders discussing and working within a common purpose/theme will then follow. How can these KMS tools be used in a practical and meaningful way by the different stakeholders? What kind of synergies towards a common goal can be expected? How to work together with these?

Agenda [.pdf | 143 KB] | Meet the speakers [.pdf | 782 KB]

Day 4 | Outcomes
Stefan Haffner [.pdf | 3MB] | Petronella Chaminuka – Iaonnis Dimitriou [.pdf | 2MB] | Benjamin Abugri [.pdf | 2 MB] | Irene Annor-Frempong [.pdf | 3 MB]
Mentimeter report [.pdf | 4 MB]

Good Morning Stakeholder Forum: From Model to Practice | 15 FebruaryGood Morning 5 | 15 February 2022 | Future AU-EU Funders’ Collaboration | RESERVED

Morning 5 is an exclusive meeting for public funders as a follow up of the forum, dedicated to the discussion on how to sustain an R&I funders’ collaboration and network within the frame of the AU-EU Partnership. The workshop addresses exclusively African and European Ministries and funding institutions e.g. from the ERAfrica Initiative, LEAP-Agri, FOSC, BELMONT Forum, JPI-FACCE and new funding institutions who want to join the process. The sessions in Morning 5 will be facilitated by the LEAP-Agri project (WP6). Donors are invited to participate in future joint FNSSA research and innovation within the frame of the AU-EU Partnership. This FNSSA collaboration may be implemented by using two instruments 1) joint and pooled funding, as e.g. experienced in ERA-NETs or 2), the launching of a platform to facilitate joint research and innovation. Morning 5 is the first step on searching for sustainable concepts to secure the donor collaboration within the AU-EU Platform for R&I on FNSSA.

Agenda [.pdf | 111 KB] | Meet the speakers [.pdf | 662 KB]

Day 5 | Outcomes
Stefan Haffner – Jackie Kado  [.pdf | 3MB] | Henning Knipschild [.pdf | 601KB] | Mokthar Sellami [.pdf | 2 MB]
Mentimeter report [.pdf | 1MB]



February 1, 2022 @ 9:00 am
February 15, 2022 @ 1:00 pm


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