The Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa is leading the discussion on food and nutrition security and sustainable agriculture in Africa, at the 15th CAADP PARTNERSHIP PLATFORM in Nairobi Kenya.

Forum for Agricultural Research in AfricaOpening the session, Dr. Irene Annor-Frempong, Director of Research and Innovation at FARA challenged participants to be open-minded and feel free to share lessons learnt from policy dialogues on the concept of biofortification. She underscores the need to embrace bio-fortification as a cardinal tool for ensuring that the continent is food and nutrition secure.

“To ensure that we’re dealing with hidden hunger, we need to accept the critical role of biofortification. We need to be coherent in the interventions to ensure food and nutrition security on the continent of Africa”
– Dr. Irene Annor-Frempong.

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[Photo by FARA | Twitter]