A new tool to keep updated with projects’ activities in the FNSSA sector.

The FNSSA project database is part of the task to map and cluster ongoing and recently finished projects contributing to the FNSSA Roadmap.

LEAP4FNSSA project databaseThe database is a work in progress, and contains projects in the area of FNSSA, funded by the European Commission framework programmes such as Horizon 2020, as well as the African Union Research Grants.

In addition, the database also contains a number of relevant projects from other EU DGs, and from various national funders within the EU. The projects all have participants from countries in Africa and Europe in cooperation.

Facts for each project is offered in different information fields. The database offers a search function for all information fields or per field with the aim to list and categorize similar projects based on the user’s interest.   

The information in the database is compiled from public sources available from related to LEAP4FNSSA projects (e.g. own webpages) or public information included in other databases.
The database does not include data and information of individuals, in compliance with GDPR rules around protecting personal data.”