JYU - Jyvaskylan Yliopisto Finnish University Partnership for InternationalDevelopment (JYU/UniPID)

The University of Jyväskylä JYU (http://www.jyu.fi) is an internationally renowned research university and an expert in education that focuses on human and natural sciences.

The University of Jyväskylä coordinates the Finnish University Partnership for international Development (UniPID), a network of Finnish universities cooperating in international projects, programmes, and initiatives. JYU UniPID strengthens and advances the interdisciplinary education, research, and societal impact of universities on global development. JYU UniPID promotes the exchange of knowledge between Finnish universities and universities in developing and transition countries by strengthening their partnerships in the fields of research and higher education and through linking Finnish universities to national, European, and global networks. JYU UniPID plays an active role in supporting and consolidating Finnish research collaboration at both the research and policy level, including supporting the EU’s STI dialogues with third countries.

The University is strongly linked with top national and international research, business and innovation communities. According to the field of research comparison, the JYU is one of the most productive universities in Finland. At the same time it is part of over 300 international scientific networks and has more than 50 ongoing collaborative programmes with top universities from Europe, North America, Japan, China and India. JYU can be found at lists of the Times Higher Education, CWTS Leiden, Best Global Universities and QS World University Rankings.

The University of Jyväskylä has received the right to use “HR Excellence in Research” logo. The recognition signals that the HR policy at the JYU can guarantee that the status of researchers at the University meets the EU targets. The University is also highly successful in attracting external competitive funding, from national as well as European funding agencies. In H2020 JYU already has 29 projects including eight ERC project and four ITN projects.


JYU UniPID contribution to the project will mainly be as leader of WP 1 (on Support to the FNSSA Partnership and the HLPD Bureau). Within WP1, JYU/UniPID will in particular co-lead Task 1.1 on Governance Support and Secretariat.


  • Melissa Plath (F) is Head of Projects and Project Manager at UniPID. Since 2010 she has been responsible for managing UniPID’s participation in EU-funded projects and has significant experience implementing policy support projects such as CAAST-Net, CAAST-Net Plus, and RINEA, and developing joint research agendas through projects such as ERAfrica and LEAP-Agri. Her experience in supporting and brokering bi-regional research cooperation and joint initiatives will contribute to the successful implementation of the project. Her background is in Political Science, graduating with a Master’s Degree in Social Sciences, with a specialization in development and international cooperation.