KINNO - Consultants Symvouleftiki Monoprosopi Epe - Knowledge and Innovation Intermediaries

KINNO ( offers intermediary services to all partners involved in the knowledge value chain with particular emphasis to market sectors such as Agro food, Energy, Manufacturing, Maritime and ICT. We foster integration and interaction among the diverse actors that are engaged in innovation networks and works on technological, organisational and institutional innovations in order to connect people, ideas and resources. In this perspective, we identify the proper business models, facilitate outward and inward technology commercialization, match innovation demand and supply across sectoral boundaries, understand customers’ needs and assist in developing results into commercially viable services, products or processes. We also design and develop a set of methodologies and tools to coordinate the flow of innovation requests and solutions among all the actors and have obtained significant expertise in the fields of Knowledge & Technology Transfer, Entrepreneurship, Eco-innovation and Social Innovation.

KINNO provides unique methodologies to significantly enhance the innovation potential of new technologies and systems. KINNO offers knowledge and innovation support services aiming into strengthening the innovation capacity of SME’s, private firms and Research & Technology Organisations (RTOs) and also supports industry players, investors, business actors and public bodies seeking to exploit new technologies, systems and ideas, bridging the gap between research and innovation.


KINNO will mainly contribute to WP2, contributing to task 2.1 ‘Supporting dialogues for action towards joint R&I agendas in FNSSA’ and to task 2.3 ‘FNSSA Systems Improvement’ of WP2. KINNO will also contribute to task 1.1 of WP1 on “governance support and secretariat”.


  • Mr. Ioannis Geragotellis (M): founder and Managing Partner of KINNO. Ioannis completed his studies on the field of Informatics in the Athens University of Economics and Business in 1993; got his Master in Science Degree on Technology and Innovation Management at the University of Sussex/SPRU (UK), while he follows executive courses on Strategy and Innovation at MIT (USA). His working experience prior of founding KiNNO, includes posts ranging from Project Manager of R&D projects, business consultant and corporate executive in multinational Telecoms. Yiannis has significant experience in the design and management of projects related to innovation competencies, technology transfer, research exploitation and business development. He has been working in developing Knowledge & Technology Transfer Activities, creating & supporting Transnational Knowledge Networks, building linkages between Business & Research actors and in various dissemination activities in EU and other Mediterranean countries. He has extensive experience in the provision of mentoring and coaching services to researchers, startups, entrepreneurs and executives in SMEs and large corporations in a variety of sectors such as agrofood, space, maritime, energy, environment and ICT. Ioannis is the main contact point for the ESA TTN network in Greece and the Manager of the InnoEnergy HUB for Greece and Cyprus.
  • Mr. Paris Rallis (M) holds a MEng in Mechanical & Aeronautical Engineering from the University of Patras (Greece) while he received his M.Sc. in Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management, at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm (Sweden). He is currently employed as a Business Designer at KINNO. For the last four years, under the framework of EU Funded and regional projects, Paris gained hands-on experience in business design and business model development and on Innovation consulting services to private clients, SMEs and Research organisations, as well as startups, identifying, developing and supporting promising ideas aiming to disrupt sectors like energy (InnoEnergy), food (EkinisiLAB, InnovAthens, CAPINFOOD), advanced materials, Manufacturing, ICT and space (ESA TTN). Additionally he has significant experience and a track record in the design of Innovative projects for SMEs that secured them funding, through different schemes (SME Instrument, InnoEnergy Innovation Projects & Innovation Highway) for increasing their technology, market and investment readiness.
  • Ms. Bakogianni Eftychia (F): Efi completed her undergraduate studies on the field of Management Science and Technology, stream: Supply Chain and Sales Management in the Athens University of Economics and Business while she received her Master Degree in Business Administration and Total Quality Management from the University of Piraeus. She is currently employed as an Innovation Consultant at KINNO with main focus on Open Innovation, Knowledge Transfer and Intellectual Property. Ms. Bakogianni has professional experience in the management of European Funded programmes and in the implementation of sector-based studies and market analysis in the fields of maritime and marine renewable energy, energy efficiency and agrofood. Furthermore, she has been actively involved in projects focusing on designing and applying innovative services on Intellectual Property management and IP Valuation to SMEs, aiming to support technology of tools for enabling the professional management of an Open Innovation project by an SME in the framework of the H2020 project INSPIRE.
  • Ms. Nadia Karra (F) completed her undergraduate studies in the field of Management Science and Technology in the Athens University of Economics and Business while she received her M.Sc. in Marketing and Communication with new Technologies from the same University. At KINNO her main focus is on Technology Transfer and Innovation Consulting to private clients, SMEs, startups and Research organisations in various sectors such as nanomaterials, agro-food, ICT, maritime and energy. She has professional experience in the management of EU Funded programmes; implementation of sector-based studies in the fields of agro-food, energy and environment and green business.