Philippe Petithuguenin

Philippe Petithuguenin CIRADPhilippe Petithuguenin (m) is Research and Strategy Deputy Director. As farming system agronomist by training, he worked in the field of Agricultural Research for Development, at project, programme and policy level, for 30 years, including 20 years of posting outside France (Africa and Latin America).
He also assumed institutional tasks, representing INRA and CIRAD in Brazil for 5 years. He worked for the European Commission for 3 years advising EC-DG RTD on activities of international cooperation related to Agricultural Research with developing countries and emerging economies and with international organizations like the Consultative Group of International Agricultural Research (CGIAR). He currently is the co-chair of the SCAR Working Group ARCH (Agricultural Research against global Challenges).
He is very involved in the dialogue in R&I between the EU and the AU, having co-chaired the group of European and African experts who wrote the FNSSA Roadmap (approved in 2016), leading the ProIntensAfrica project (jointly with partners from WUR and FARA) and being a member of the HLPD FNSSA WG (representing France).