SIU - Szent István University

Szent István University (SIU), one of Hungary’s most prominent institutions of higher education, consists of eight different faculties. The major missions are education, research and extension. The number of students is approximately 15,000 with 10% international enrolment. The Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Science is hosting the Department of Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry (the partner unit). The Department has been involved in several educational and research projects in Africa.


SIU is mainly contributing to WP3, co-leading task 3.2 “information systems” which is responsible for information generation, knowledge management and stakeholder consultations.


  • Erika Michéli, Professor and head of the Department of Soil Science and Agrochemistry, and chair of the Graduate School of Environmental Sciences. Erika Michéli has great experiences and working relationships in Africa, mostly related to education, soil mapping and soil fertility issues. Co-editors of the recently published Soil Atlas of Africa.
  • Adam Csorba, PhD assistant professor in the same department, involved mostly in education and projects related water management, soil fertility and remote sensing applications. Dr. Csorba has also experiences with large data base management.
  • Marta Fuchs, PhD associate professor involved in teaching and research related to data base harmonization and agricultural development.
  • Tamás Szegi, PhD associate professor involved in teaching and research related to precision agriculture and extension development.
  • All members of the team have supervised several scholars from Africa