The new website dedicated to the Decade of Family Farming 2019-2028 has been highlighting the work of family farmers’ organizations around the world in promoting specific policies for more than a decade.

The World Rural Forum has renewed the website dedicated to the United Nations Decade of Family Farming 2019-2028.

The new website aims to provide a space where family farmers are protagonists of the UNDFF, since the real changes in these 10 years must take place at the global and regional level, but especially at the national and subnational level, which is where more impact will be made to improve the quality of life of family farmers.

In the current situation of crisis generated by the Covid-19 pandemic, strengthening family farming is more than ever a key element, with the National Action Plans of the Decade being a concrete instrument for defining policies to strengthen family farming.

In addition to including the most important documents and processes of the Decade, it has been chosen to give greater visibility to three key goals defined in the UNDFF Global Action Plan. These are the development by 2024 of 100 National Action Plans developed by Governments in dialogue with family farmers’ organizations and/or National Committees of Family Farming, 7 Sub-Regional Action Plans and 5 Regional Action Plans developed in dialogue with family farmers’ organizations.

The recognition and strengthening of National Committees of Family Farming (mainly led by farmers’ organizations) and other dialogue platforms for the elaboration, monitoring and implementation of National Action Plans for the UNDFF is undoubtedly one of the great keys to the success of the Decade.

For this reason, this website is a space to make visible, not only the existence and work of the NCFF, but also other platforms for policy dialogue relevant to the implementation of the UNDFF.


[Image and information via Rural Forum web site]