The prime minister of Egypt visited our stand during the Africa Food Day.

The North Africa Event: our conclusions

The theme adopted for the North Africa Chapter activities, and which will be developed in form of research and innovation activities to carry by the IRC is “Innovative Value Chains for Traditional Agrifood Products“.

The conclusions of our North Africa Event have been presented by HE Dr. Ezz El Din Abu Steit, Minister of Agriculture & Land Reclamation of Egypt, during the commemoration of the Africa Food Day on October 30th, whereas both the Minister and the Ambassador of the EU, HE Ivan Surkos gave the introduction to the event.

Here are LEAP4FNSSA’s conclusions:

The North African participants of the LEAP4FNSSA North Africa Event agreed on launching collaborative regional research programmes in form of a public private alliance of partners between Europe and North Africa to develop joint food and nutrition security research and innovation projects within the AU–EU Partnership.
A regional sustainable partnership platform will foster clustering and enhances synergies.

The participants identified mechanisms, priorities for action and triggering innovations to be embodied in the regional platform.
They emphasized the need to address the topics of climate change mitigation and adaptation, as well as natural resource management and the interdependency of water, food and energy.

Adoption of value chain approaches within given territories of the region was recommended. Innovative financial mechanisms for farmers and comprehensive insurance systems must be designed and implemented.

Triggering innovation by expanding the use of information technology, knowledge management and dissemination and agricultural extension have been highlighted .

Necessity of supporting research linkages to the private sector and to policy making as well as securing its funding have been recognized .

Establishing novel farmers producers organizations is key to enable rural development and to achieve transformational changes.

The successful conclusion of the launching event of the Leap4FNSSA within the Africa Food Day Commemoration in Cairo, will enable the rapid launch of its North Africa Chapter .