The third issue of the Newsletter has been released. It is focused on COVID-19 and its impacts on the LEAP4FNSSA activities.

LeaP4FNSSA Newsletter the third issue is out!The time has come to envisage sustainable solutions to Nutrition Security, Food security and sustainable agriculture. The complex link between trade, food and climate change is threatening  ecosystems and seriously affecting biological balances.

A very interesting article (Towards a comprehensive EU strategy with Africa) deals with a more peaceful and more sustainable future for EU-AU, and the LEAP4FNSSA’s contribution to this strategy.

This newsletter issue also reports the 1st on-line questionnaire (Open Consultation) about the problems related to the FNSSA in Africa. Results of the questionnaire led the discussion during the 1st Sub-Regional Dissemination event (held in Nairobi last 18 February).
Particular attention is also given to the 2nd Webinar (“Empowering the community through inclusiveness and engagement in the Food and Nutrition Security, and Sustainable Agriculture Sector) carried out last 7 April.

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