Photo group dissemination meeting Nairobi Kenya 2020

Thanks to Alis Okonji and our partner ASARECA for publishing this post summarizing LEAP4FNSSA’s dissemination meeting in Nairobi.

The current global economic crisis, rising food prices and the threat of climate change have reinforced the urgency to find lasting solutions to Africa’s agricultural challenges. Despite unprecedented agricultural productivity growth in the recent years, many African countries still lag behind the rest of the developing nations. Moreover, the growth has been unequal, such that smaller countries, continue to face food insecurity and nutrition challenges, often relying on expensive food imports. This is despite the fact that these countries are rich in natural resources and cheaply export agricultural produce like coffee, cocoa and cotton.

For the sustainable growth and development of the agricultural sector in Africa, it is imperative to understand what Africa’s needs and priorities are. Misguided and uninformed investments in the agricultural sector, has often led to losses and mismanagement of resources, leaving Africa poor and the most food insecure continent with the highest cases of malnutrition.

The potential, opportunities and strengths of Africa’s agriculture has been the center of numerous conferences aimed at ensuring investments are made at the right priorities.

One such forum was the first Sub-regional dissemination meeting towards decision makers and research and innovation funders organized by the Long-term Europe-Africa Research and Innovation Partnership for Food and Nutrition Security and Sustainable Agriculture (LEAP4FNSSA) in Nairobi Kenya. The forum brought together researchers, cooperation agencies, research institutions, private sector players and research funding agencies to discuss priorities to enhance food and nutrition security, sustainable agriculture and creating a favorable entrepreneurial environment for young people and women.

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